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HSBC Call Center Services for You, Customers

The HSBC call center is very useful for its customers. The name HSBC is indeed not very popular in small towns. But in some big cities, popularity is on the rise. In fact, this bank has successfully competed with several big names such as BCA and Mandiri. His enthusiasm for improving the service is also quite extraordinary.

Increasingly, the services provided are constantly being improved. But continuous improvement often confuses some consumers. The confusion was felt as there were more and more available features. To solve the problem, contacting CS may be the best option.

But due to the large number of services provided, HSBC does not provide its customers with only one call center. There are several numbers that can be contacted according to the problem. Therefore, it would be better to know in advance the capabilities of the service and the available HSBC call center numbers.

Contacting the call center for banking services

Clients of the HSBC banking service are divided into several groups. However, the most common group is the main breed. This is the group with the largest number of customers. This makes sense, given that it itself generally uses functions without major costs. There are two numbers for contacting Premier banking services.

The first digit is 1500-700. This number can be contacted throughout Indonesia. However, those who are abroad will not be able to contact him. While abroad, you must dial the number 6221-2551-4722. Its use necessarily uses local rates.

Both numbers can be contacted at any time. This is because its own CS is active for 24 hours. HSBC’s call center availability  within 24 hours is not just for first-class customers. But this figure is definitely different from the premium service.

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The number is also divided in half for domestic and foreign needs. To meet home needs, you need to call 1500-808. As for needs outside the Indonesian territory, you can contact 6221-2552-6603. In fact, HSBC has another type of service.

The type is Fusion banking. However, there are not as many users of this service as premier or advance. But while there aren’t many of them, HSBC’s fusion services call centers are still available. To communicate, you can call 1500-501. The number is intended for customers located on the territory of Indonesia.

But since it is not used very often, consumers from abroad are not given any numbers. In fact, this figure is inactive for 24 hours. He can only be contacted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Availability itself is only Monday through Friday.

Contacting credit card services

In addition to banking,  contacting the HSBC call center is  also designed for credit card purposes. The need for credit cards is also divided into several types. The most common type is definitely the premiere, which has the largest number of users. For a premium credit card, you can call 1500-700.

The number is used while on the territory of Indonesia. If you are out of Indonesia, call 6221-2551-4722. The number can be accessed in any corner of the world. Of course, local prices apply. Regardless of whether it is a foreign or domestic number, both can be contacted at any time.

This is because its CS is also available for 24 hours. CS availability within 24 hours is also available for Signature credit card needs. This type of credit card is one tier higher than the premier. Therefore, the number of customers will be less.

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If you want to communicate with the hsbc call center with a signature for a credit card, two numbers are available. The two numbers include 1500-800 and 6221-2552-6603. The first number is contacted for domestic purposes, while the second number is contacted for foreign purposes.

Both are also equally active for 24 hours. The presence of CS is also available for platinum credit card types. This is HSBC’s highest class. The number of users is really not too much. However, platinum services are always a priority so that customers do not get disappointed.

The numbers that can be contacted are also different for domestic and foreign needs. For domestic ones, this number is 1500-808, while for foreign ones this number is 6221-2552-6603. Both are also available for 24 hours, so Platinum credit card customers can get in touch at any time.

Credit card services still have other types

The most famous credit card services in the bank are definitely premier, advance and platinum. However, there are other services offered by HSBC. The service is designed for cashback credit card needs. Just like other types, there is a dedicated HSBC call center for these services  . Its activity is also 24 hours.

The first is 1500-808. It can be contacted if there is a need for home services. Next is 6221-2552-6603. He can be contacted if it needs to be abroad. In fact, when it comes to credit card needs, in general, cashback is the last type.

But in this area there are often conditions in which other problems often arise. The problem cannot be classified under any of the above types. If you encounter such a problem, call 1500-808 while in Indonesia and 6221-2552-6603 while abroad.

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However, the availability of such numbers is not 24 hours. Contact can only be made from Monday to Friday. The time itself is only during working hours, which are from 07:00 to 21:00. when this time has passed, the client will have to wait until the next day.

There are other servicesoutside of bank and credit cards

In addition to bank and credit cards, other services are available. This service actually supports consumer convenience. The first need is associated with personal loans. It is unlikely that the bank will not provide this function. Therefore, for these purposes there is a special HSBC call center.

However, like other credit card problems, this service is available only from 07:00 to 21:00. For home needs, contact is 1500808*. As for foreign needs, contacts are 6221-2552-6603.

Of course, there are overseas tariffs for the second contact. In addition to the purpose of a personal loan, there are also special contacts for the Apply Now service. However , the available HSBC call centers are designed exclusively for domestic needs. His own contacts are 1500-707. Just like personal loan services, you can not contact him during the holidays.

The service is only available Monday through Friday. Even on this day, you can get in touch only from 7 am to 5 pm. This time is much narrower than the need for a personal loan, where CS is available until 9 pm.

If you look at the description above, HSBC is very detailed in providing call centers. With these detailed conditions, any consumer problem will certainly be solved. Therefore, be sure to contact us if you encounter a problem. After all, the CS of the HSBC call center is  always friendly with every complaint.

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