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How to contact BCA Call Center number  24 hours

The 24-hour BCA call center number  is very useful for customers.With the existence of a call center, some people can solve the problem of banking experienced easily of course.  BCA itself is one of the largest banks in Indonesia; its branches are spread across the region and its ATM machines are scattered in many places.

This bank has a long history. The first bcA was founded in 1957. At the time, its founder was Sudono Salim, who immediately developed it into the big one today.  The BCA itself is under the auspices of the djarum; with it, the strength of its business can be said to be very strong.

Now, there are many BCA companies.For example, from BANK UIB to PT BCA Finance.To many companies, customers may experience confusion.This is the main function of the  24-hour BCA call center number.With its existence, customer confusion can be overcome.

How to contact a BCA call center  in Indonesia

Contacting the BCA call center is very easy. Someone will contact him when contacting 1500-888. It was a connection that was open to all Indonesians. Not only contacted by customers, these contacts can be contacted by all levels of society. Consequently, prospective customers can also contact him.

When calling a number, contacts don’t necessarily be made all the time at work. That’s because, the contact is open for 24 hours. In addition, the staff handled are also available every day. This obviously makes the issue in any case able to complain at any time.

However, this  24-hour BCA call center number won’t connect consumers with employees  . that’s because, consumers will connect to the contractor first;in the answering machine, there’s actually a complete set of information about the problems from the customer.However, some unusual people have to be confused.

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That’s because, it’s necessary to choose the right number to get an explanation of the problem. To communicate with employees, choose number 1 in the first question. The numbers would make communications carried out using Indonesia. Next, once again choose number1. Number 1 makes you choose banking services.

Finally, choose number 3. The selection will make you connect to the FireCash service. This Firecash service can connect consumers with employees. However, if communication with the answering machine doesn’t want to be done at all,  there is another 24 hours BCA call center number.

Number 021-235-88000. Calling a number can get some people to service quickly. In addition, contacting him does not have to go through the answering machine. With that, the customer will communicate directly with the employee. This makes it less time consuming.

Contacting Call Centers can also be done overseas

All of the above contacts are intended only for domestic purposes. When he was overseas, it was obvious that the connections were different. There is no need to worry about it. Contacting the 24-hour BCA call center  can be done anywhere. because this bank already has branches in countries.

The first country to be discussed was Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia itself has excellent diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Every year, there are a lot of Indonesians who go on vacation. Of course, it is very possible that the atm needs happen when you are there. There are two numbers that can be contacted when contacted in the country.

The  24-hour BCA call center  number for Saudi Arabia for the first time is +966-54-220-0581. The next number is +966-53-298-7625. After Saudi Arabia, the next country is the UAE.However, the BCA provides only one telephone center in the country.The call center itself can be contacted at +971-50-159-9393.

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After the UAE, the next country is Qatar. The country is rapidly developing in recent years. In fact, there are a lot of Indonesians who now decide to vacation there. The contact itself is at +974-6688-8279. Don’t forget Hong Kong as well.  The BCA also has a special call center for the country.

The 24-hour BCA call center  number for Hong Kong is +852-2356-2311.For the latter, it is also known that the BCA provides many call centers in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia.Malaysia itself borders the island, so there are many Indonesian citizens there for various purposes.

Not halfhearted, contact e mpat provided in Malaysia. The first contact is +601-6422-6051. After that, both contacts are +601-6415-6051. If the numbers are still full, try calling +601-6414-6051. Finally, BCA bank customers   can still contact +601-6445-6051 when experiencing banking problems in the country.

Contact can be done using social media

All of the above call centers provide a pay rate for their customers. None of them makes free consumer communications. So, don’t forget the top of your electronic credit first. Don’t let the credit statistics on the phone number less than 25 thousand.

The exact number needs to be much greater if done overseas. Electronic credit of up to 100 thousand rupees is needed to not stop halfway. Please note that a stop call in the middle of the road will enable communication with the  24-hour BCA call center  to be made from the beginning.

Instead of having this experience, it would be better to choose another contact method. One of the best methods is to get in touch through whatsapp. The Bca whatsapp contact bank is at 0811-1500-998. This method is definitely free when done; in addition, the popularity of whatsapp in Indonesia remains unquestionable.

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Almost everyone has his account. Consequently, contacting him would feel very easy. If not through whatsapp, communication can still be done via email. Bca’s official email address  is However, communication via email has one clause.

The key disadvantage is in a slow response. Of course, the email is different from the phone. Employees need to read the question carefully. In addition, there is a need for good and accurate grammar to satisfy consumers.

Perhaps for the last way, communication can be done via twitter. The BCA’s official twitter account  is @HalobcA.If you want to contact him personally, you can dm.However, if you want to make a general contact, contactusing a mention can also be made.

Contacting call centres solves problems faster

When there is a  24-hour BCA telephone  contact, the banking problem can be solved quickly.That’s because, those who manage it are already educated and have gone through a long process.With it, the quality of the answer it will give will not be disappointed.

Don’t confuse yourself because you are just looking for your own answers on the internet. In fact, it may be that the answer is correct and the problem is resolved. But it may also be that the problem is getting bigger. Instead of finishing, this condition will make you even more confused.

Requests such as blocking ATM cards, blocking mbanking, reporting complaints can be made through the call centre. In addition, you can contact him with the purpose of obtaining information. All the issues and questions will surely be answered. Contacting the 24-hour BCA call center  will not be disappointing at all.

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