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Please contact my Republic Call Center to subscribe to a quality internet

I want to use the services of an Internet service provider with maximum speed.  Contact  my Republic Call Center  to try to become a customer of that provider  . Internet service providers themselves have become one of the service services to be asked of by the Indonesian people today because almost everyone uses such services for their homes.

You may have also heard of internet service providers like IndyHolm or Bisnet. However, there are many people who think that it is not appropriate to use these two providers due to the many annoying factors, which is why we recommend using an internet service provider, which is currently very interesting to use, i.e. My Republic.

What is my Republican Internet?

If you have plans to install this internet service, it is an obligation if you want to know more about the provider’s profile. Because, with limited knowledge, of course, you don’t know what to focus on when subscribing to the services of an internet provider, you will have the potential to regret in the future.

If you feel appropriate, you  can try to subscribe by contacting my Republic Call Center. First of all, know in advance the brief profile of my Republic. My Republic is one of the companies that offer internet services, and since it already covers many countries, such as Singapore and New Zealand, it also operates on a national but international scene.

The company provides the Internet in terms of technology using fiber optic cables, which will of course have stable and maximum speed.  Nowadays there are many reasons why most internet users prefer to subscribe to My Republic.

In addition to using fiber optic technology or fiber to the home (FTTH), perhaps at an affordable price, one of the considerations that many people recommend subscribing to this service is. Also, with a relatively affordable cost, it turns out that you will be able to get maximum speed and will of course be stable

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Interesting services of my republic

Are you interested in trying out the services of my Republic? Compared to services and prices from other providers, you will be more interested in the process of this internet service, as the affordable price provides more attractive services.  You can get more information by contacting my Republic Call Center  or by reading the information below.

The first service that needs to be edited by potential users is the Fiber Web Package. This web suite is divided into three services, namely Nova, Fast and Value. Cheer up because using a credit card will actually get an amazing discount of up to Rp. 50,000. This is because internet speeds can start from 40 Mbps to 150 Mbps and vary depending on the package.

As for the price of  my Republic Call Center  service  , it depends on the package, each package is Rp per month.  You can start from 336,000  to Rp. 466,000. In addition to internet packages, you can also view internet + TV packages. Almost like the previous service, this package is divided into three packages, Nova, Fast and Value. Each plan has a different total channel depending on the price.

For the most affordable package, you get 74 channels at a price of Rp. 399,000. You can spend Rp. 599,000 for a total of 80 channels with the internet up to 150 mbps.

Contact the call center to subscribe or make a complaint

When using this internet service provider, you don’t have to worry if you have a problem. This is because  , by having  my Republic Call Center,  of course, you will be able to record the complaints or issues received or get users more information about the packages from my Republic.

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One of the pluses of this service is the many methods that can be used to contact the internet service provider’s call center.  You can take advantage of many social media platforms like WhatsApp, telegram and email.

In addition, you can also contact customer service by calling the 1500818 number. For official customers, you can file a complaint using the official website using the subscription ID through the self-care menu.

If you really want to get a faster response, you  can try contacting my Republic Call Center  via WhatsApp with 088981500818 number  . If you want to contact via telegram, you can contact Republic iPad @My. You don’t have to worry, because this service is open for a full 24 hours and is sure to allow you to file a complaint at any time.

If you want to ask for more complete information other than the use of online methods, you can take advantage of the offices of my republic that are currently scattered in many places by visiting in person. But unfortunately  the offices of my Republic are currently only available in Zabotedabek, Semerang, Surabaya and Madden.

How to register or subscribe to my Republic

After learning interesting information from my Republic Internet provider, of course, many people will start to consider subscribing to this provider. However, due to the lack of information from potential users on how to register or subscribe to this service, many of them need to collect information. About the simplest way, I have mentioned below.

As for the simplest way, you  should probably only go to  my Republic Call Center  at 1500 818  . In addition, you can also come to offices in your area to subscribe directly to the offices in your area to subscribe to this service by registering through the official page of my Republic.

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Once you have opened the official page, you will be able to see a striking menu on the top right in the shape of a purple box that says “Register now”. After opening the menu, you will be redirected to a new page, where the page will have to fill in the customer data. In the case of this section, you will be asked to fill out your personal data and installation address.

The installation address is required to make sure your area is covered or not by the services coming  from my Republic Call Center  . If so, you can go to the next menu to choose the subscription package. If it’s not included, you’re forced not to subscribe to this package, so you’ll have to wait until your area gets the cover from the My Republic network.

As for the final stage, you need to type in the required files and review the order again to see if it matches the order you have previously written or not. If it’s not appropriate, you can review it, and if it’s appropriate, you’ll need to click on “Order”.

Considering the quality and rating of this internet service provider, if it is possible to cover all regions in Indonesia, perhaps everyone may want to use this service. To do this,  you can try contacting my Republic Call Center to  find updates to the areas covered.

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