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 Pos Indonesia Call Center Number and Examples of its Services

P os Indonesia  Call Center is always crowded with conversations by everyone.   Because this place is always wanted by all customers for a lot of things related to the service of the postal work itself  . Indonesia itself is made up of state-of-the-art in the field of shipping and documents throughout the region.

If you have previously been used to online shopping,  you will certainly not be familiar with the services offered by this delivery service.  This is where you can check your online income to check the whereabouts of the ordered shipment  .  Interestingly, the post now also provides 24 hours of CS services.

This service  is  to be a form of  innovation  of this  limited liability company as the oldest logistics service the country owns so as not to obsolete it.   So that people may at first look at it as outdated  , and then thanks to the P os Indonesiacall  center service it provides, it makes it look more modern.

Indonesian postal service facilities   

The services provided by this limited liability company owned by the enterprise are diverse  .   He has done this to maintain the convenience of customers who have long used his services  .   Below is a list of the facilities available here  , including:

  1. POSERBA, this site is focused on how to stop one sale and is usually available at the physical counter of the post office.   With this service, all the needs of the community are responsive.  Some of the needs that can be met through this service include agriculture  ,  greeting cards, and architecture.   There is all  .
  2. POSARLING, as the name implies, in addition to working in the postal service sector ,  it appears here also provides services for other needs  .   For example, the sale of stamps,  postal materials, and the delivery of goods from anyone.   So that having  a P os Indonesia call center makes it closer to the   local community that needs it.
  3. Halo Pos 161 is a telephone line that can be contacted by everyone to get services and information on the individual needs.    This facility can be used by customers at any time to save more costs  , time,  and energy when it needs direct online travel services.
  4. The agency is also   one  of  the  services of the post office, where the  company is open to the public or anyone who wants to join indonesia’s postal service.   There are a lot of services  including opening up savings, paying fees and discounts, selling stamps and many more, so there are a lot of functions.
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How to contact Pos Indonesia Call Center By Phone

For those who need help with their package delivery  , then all of these problems can be solved immediately by contacting customer service now.   All complaints and problems or all the information needed can be easily found through the service  . Here is how to contact them.

One of them is by telephone directly using the number of central post offices available based on destination cities  .   The phone number itself is usually available online, so you can find the numbers directly using the internet and just type in keywords.

Furthermore, the P os Indonesia  central telephone number will immediately appear based on the head office of each city needed.   From here you can ask a lot of things that start from the terms of the package being shipped or even when you want to know the cost of shipping when you’re going to use the service  .

So you know how much money it takes to be prepared to pay for the transportation            directly.     So in this case to contact customer service directly     , you can use number 161 as one of the services provided by    Halo Pos Indonesia.

In this case, if you are used to using his service,  you should remember and record the phone number carefully  , not to lose.   That way when there are problems related to shipping or anything that hasn’t been resolved  , then you can be solved here.

It’s just a call,  generally you’ll be charged a normal local  fee  .   So make sure you have enough credit when you want to call so that when you want to ask something with customer service  ,  the connection is not cut off.

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How to contact Pos Indonesia Call Center Via Email and Live Chat

In addition to the phone number, the postal customer service can also be contacted directly via email.   This is perfect for those of you who want to save money when using their services but don’t want to leave the credit  .  This is where all customers can contact CS directly using the email provided.

You can file a complaint or ask something through an email address directly from your mobile phone            , computer, or even other gadget devices already connected to the Internet.   So the capital here is just an internet connection   , while the rest you can contact P os Indonesiacall  center via email.

The post office’s current email address is   All incoming emails will be answered immediately by the customer service  .  It’s just that when using this service, you generally have to be patient because of course the answer will take longer to contact customer service by phone.

In addition to using email, you can also contact CS on the page via live communications.This software   can be accessed directly from  the  official website  of  the post  office at   the address.   Just press the live conversation menu provided, and then all the questions will be answered directly.

This device is available at the bottom right  of  the screen where you’ll see a picture of the Indonesian  postal authorities   and then appear to have  an immediate  live  chat  .   In conversation, you can choose the menu provided by the post office  .   After that, write the message and get an immediate response.

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How to contact Pos Indonesia Call Center via social media

In addition to applying some of the  above methods, you can also check the status  of sending and displaying complaints through the media of the direct  delivery office.Because Pos Indonesia is now making more progress.This is obvious from the service to more completion   because it  already has social  media.

FB accounts can be found by visiting a fanpage directly owned by  Indonesian Pos.   Meanwhile, if you want to contact via Twitter, you can go  directly to the @PosIndonesia so all the needs are immediately answered.   However, when contacted via Twitter, working hours are limited to customers.

You will be served from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., that’s all available monday to Friday.       But even so,  the service is enough to help you monitor the status of shipping properly   .

The interesting thing is that not only FB and Twitter, it turns out there are still  Instagrams.   You can also contact  the official IG account at @posindonesia.ig  so that the administrator on duty will immediately answer the question in response.

Of course, with all the facilities offered above  ,  the company has become different and has changed for the better.  That’s  why  so many people are now starting to use his services again.  Because of the presence of P os  Indonesia, the number can be contacted at any time makes the population feel appreciated.

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