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JNE complaint process when a package has a problem

In the field of shipping exploration, JNE is one of the leading expansion companies in Indonesia. However, it is not uncommon for JNE complaints to continue to  emerge. This is very reasonable, considering that this shipping line is often trusted by many parties to deliver.

Almost all e-commerce makes JNE a recommendation for expedition services that can be used. This is because, this explorer service provider can be trusted and always prioritizes the security of packages until they reach the consumer.

JNE has been operating since 1990, as one of the divisions of PT Citra van Titipan Kilat (TIKI), during which the company continued to grow. Not only serving domestic courier services, but also serving courier services on an international scale.

Innovation after innovation continues to be developed, until the scale of distribution covers the whole world and the whole of Indonesia. Due to the rapid growth of JNE, the company eventually separated from TIKI and independently ran all its businesses.

The service of this package delivery company is very good, so it is loved by many people. Various warranties are provided as a guarantee for the safety of the goods. Most consumers are satisfied, but there is also a small percentage of those who are dissatisfied.

The reason is very common, which is the problem when delivering packages. The delivery time is too long or the package has no clear trace of its existence. However, in this case, the company does not shirk responsibility. Because, there is a JNE complaint service  that you  can take advantage of when the package has a problem.

Telephone complaints

Filing a complaint over the phone network is the most common and preferred way by cu s tomer. Because, customers can immediately get a response when submitting a complaint. In fact, they can immediately get a solution to the package problem.

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So there is no need to wait long for feedback and solutions from the company. Unfortunately, JNE’s complaint over the phone is not free.  You incur the cost of your phone when you do it this way. The following is a complaint to JNE over the phone.

  1. Contact JNE Call Center

The first step you  have to do is to contact the JNE call center on (021) 2927 8888. Wait a moment for your carrier to automatically answer your phone.

  1. Press the exact number of extensions intended

When picking up your phone, the operator will mention a series ofextension numbers dedicated tothe customer’s needs. Listen carefully to the number of extensions that will troubleshoot the package.

Because if you hit the wrong extension, then  your  complaint  will go unanswered.  You will be asked to repeat the call and call the right officer.

  1. Make your complaint

After connecting to the correct extension number, there will be a staff member to serve you and help solve your package problem. Communicate all  your JNE complaints in one language and in a good way for the officer to understand.

JNE’s official email complaint

If  you do not like to express package problems directly through a telephone connection, then the solution is to transmit via JNE’s official email. The advantage of this method is that you are free to write down all the complaints and complaints in detail.

In addition, the cost of a JNE complaint  via email is much cheaper than transmission over the phone. Because, you only need an internet connection. However, the expedition will give a slower response. However, they will help solve your package problem.

You just need to send an email to customercar@jne.co.id address. According to our advice, if the problem related to  your  package  is very urgent, it is better not to complain in this way.

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Complaints to social media

One way to complain about your  package problem  is through JNE social media. The company that offers this package delivery service is one of the companies that follows the development of the era the most  .  This is evidenced by its presence on various social media platforms.

This social media can also be used as a place to communicate  various JNE complaints from customers. Presumably, this shipping company will respond quickly by commenting on posts or direct messages.

This demonstrates the openness of JNE’s services to users of its services and as a way to maintain customer trust.  You can contact this package delivery company JNE (facebook), JNE_ID (twitter) and jne_id (instagram).

Complaints through Ask Joni have been provided

In addition to a call center phone connection, JNE also offers a very responsive chat feature on its website. This chat feature is named Ask Joni, this feature is a live chat service  with  customer  service that has been provided to resolve any customer complaints.

When you open the Ask Joni feature, the system will ask you  to fill in some personal data that has a lot to do with your package. Ensure that any data entered is accurate and appropriate.

The server will then connect your  request  and look for customer service that can serve JNE’s complaints. Once  the  customer service has been contacted bu ng with live chat, then you can submit all complaints about the problems of the package.

Customer service will provide solutions to these problems directly at that time.  You only need an internet connection to complain this way. Respon is also launched much faster than e-mail.

The most commonly submitted types of complaints

Each customer’s complaint is certainly different, as JNE is a very large shipping company in this country. Therefore, many types of complaints come from different parties through different media.

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From many complaints, it turns out that the essence of everything can be outlined and form several groups as follows.

  1. Package delays

Package delays are a very frequent problem. Factors affecting the delay of this package include congestion, expedition vehicle damage when sending packages, road damage, or more unpredictable things.

  1. Wrong submission

Incorrectly sent packets are certainly common, what else if the address is unclear and similar to someone else’s address. Although the package may be resentful, it is dangerous if it turns out that the package cannot be retrieved from the original recipient.

  1. Lost packages

Lost packets often occur due to being hidden or left behind in other JNE posts. Especially when the quantity of goods sent out is large, it is not uncommon for some people to get away with data collection and be left behind. This certainly caused JNE’s complaints to increase.

  1. Broken package

Damage to goods transported by expedition services is actually very vulnerable. Because, during transportation, sending goods will be piled up, thrown and other activities that can damage the goods.

Therefore, JNE provides warranties for goods damage.  You can also increase security in shipping by using certain services. For example, for electronic goods that are prone to damage.

  1. Unsatisfactory service

Unsatisfactory service is one of the reasons why many customers complain to the shipping company. Because, people certainly won’t feel happy when they are served perfunctory and seem disrespectful.

JNE complaints are the rights of every customer.   because it is not only for the benefit of customers, but also for the benefit of JNE to continue to improve its quality in the field of exploration.

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